Frequently Asked Questions

All of our glass bottle milk is produced by Lamers Dairy in Appleton, WI. Established in 1913, this family owned plant is the only bottler of glass in the state.

Prairie Farms, Dairy,  a very large farmer owned Co-Op, bottles the remainder of our fluid products for us. All products are certified rBST and rBGH free.

Our ice cream is produced by a small division of Prairie Farms. It is made the old fashioned way – with care and pride. Our novelties come from Northstar, a division of Prairie Farms, and other producers

Why Does Our Milk Taste So Good?
Because it is fresher, has not had a chance to be mishandled, oxidize or been exposed to ultraviolet light. It is delivered dairy direct to you. Often the milk you receive is delivered within 24 hours of production. All of our milk is producer certified to be free of any artificial hormones or additives including rBGH.
More Questions - How Do I get Started?

We offer an easy to use ordering form here or you can call us at 262-723-5070. We'll be happy to answer your concerns or set up your account for you. We'll need you billing information, standing order, and preferably a major credit card to secure your account. Our route people will call you back with a delivery day, and that's it. Easy!

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